Miss Gracie Finley

Grand Worthy Advisor

Grand Session of Grace & Hospitality

Grand Session of Courage & Friendship



Grand Representatives

Grand Miss Service

Miss Caroline Szakasits

Grand Cross of Color

Degree Team

Committed to Making a Difference

Past Grand Worthy Advisors

"My pearls keep me classy and

my boots keep me sassy"


These are the ladies who showed us what classy really is...


Grand Adults


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Supreme Inspector in North Carolina

Mrs. Kay F. Letterman,

Supreme Charity and 

Supreme Inspector

in North Carolina

State Executive Committee

Mrs. Anna Nall, Chairman; Mr. Jerry Letterman; Mrs. Betty Geary; Mr. Alan Williard; Mr. David Glackin; Mrs. Dannielle Williard; Mrs. Vicki Rivenbark; and Mrs. Beverly Kubacki

Director of Grand Representatives:

Ms. Kathryn Collins


Mrs. Vickie Shue (RAL04); Mrs. Jean Wilkie (FAY22); Mrs. Katie Tang (GSO23); Mrs. Libby West (WIL29); Mrs. Beth Bursell (ALB32); Mrs. Marilyn Baldwin (WS37); Mrs. Jan Tinklenberg (ONS42); Mrs. Linda Casey (WAY46); Mrs. Carisa Cole (HIL77); Mrs. Cathy "the Boss" Dearing (BAH86); Mrs. Stephanie Bridges (LEN87); Mrs. Linda McLendon (ASH88); Mrs. Laurie Slezak (PEN89); Ms. Leigh Anne Wilson (OXF90); Mrs. Monica Kirby (CLT91); Mrs. (WLK92); Mrs. Mandy McMillan (TRN93); and Mrs. Charlotte Spry (CAN94).

This web site acknowledges allegiance to the Supreme Assembly of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, whose seat is in McAlester, Oklahoma, and of which the late Rev. W. Mark Sexson was the founder and Mrs. Joanie Jacka is Supreme Worthy Advisor. This web site also acknowledges allegiance to the Grand Jurisdiction of North Carolina, of which Mrs. Kay F. Letterman is Supreme Charity and Supreme Inspector.

Grand Assembly of North Carolina
International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

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